Dyslexia Kitset Page 2

Dyslexia children often forget the words that they have learnt and become frustrated and gradually lose interest in schoolwork.

Parents are often not quite sure how to teach their children. Dyslexic children need structure and routine, otherwise they will be distracted and unable to organise their time. The Dyslexia Kitset provides a structure and routine for children to improve their English. This package consists of Phonogram Sound Cards with detailed instruction manuals.

A DVD for Parents to learn the Phonogram Sounds and understand how to use the Dyslexia Kitset is also included. Vocabulary Games are also included in the kitset. Users should view the DVD to help them prepare to use the Phonogram Sound cards. Parents can listen to the Phonogram Sounds on the DVD as well as see the steps involved in a typical session.

Why does the Dyslexia Kitset work?

1. It is Multisensory: The Phonogram Sound Cards provide an avenue for your child to be engaged in their learning. It combines a multisensory approach in one package – visual, auditory and kinesthetic.

2. Child and Parent Interaction: The Phonogram Sound Cards and games will enable you to spend time with your child in a productive yet fun way.

3. Skill Based: It is important for all children to have the knowledge of sounds. This is often taught when the child is in kindergarten, but dyslexic children tend to forget and often have difficulty remembering the sounds. This is when the repetition of the sounds is useful. The Dyslexia Kitset makes extensive use of visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning.